101 reasons to choose the Charming House DD724

1. To enjoy the serenity of the artistic Sestiere Dorsoduro.

2. To contemplate the panoramic view of Rio Torreselle canal and Giudecca island from the window.

3. To admire the Madonnina on the Longhena’s Santa Maria della Salute church dome.

4. To cross the bridge “Al Formager” in front of the Charming House DD724 for a candlelight dinner at “ Ai Gondolieri “restaurant.

5. To reach Punta della Dogana within few minutes to see the fireworks display in Bacino San Marco during the Redentore celebration.

6. To eat the delicious Gianduiotto (hazelnut ice cream bar drowned in whipped cream) at “Da Nico” ice cream terrace bar. Two steps away from the Charming House DD724.

7. To have breakfast in the charming breakfast area by tables set with black fresh linen tablecloths and Designers Guild textures.

8. To taste the famous scrambled eggs with bacon freshly prepared by Tatiana and Ludmila.

9. To listen to your own playlist in the Music Room.

10. To take a moment to browse through the mini library of city guides and art books tastefully selected.

11. To have your fill of modern art at the famous next-door museum: “the Peggy Guggenheim Collection”.

12. To take receptionists’ advice on how to discover Venice.

13. To light a candle to Virgin Mary at the Salute church on November 21st, and take the opportunity to cross the Grand Canal walking over the bridge of boats built exclusively for this annual feast.

14. To stop at El Bottegon before heading for dinner and sip the famous Spritz across from the Squero, a boatyard where gondolas are built.

15. To drink “an ombra “(glass of wine) at Alessandro’s Corner Pub, before returning to the Hotel.

16. To eat Kamut Pizza in the company of locals at “Ae Oche” and admire the breath-taking view of Molino Stucky.

17. To enjoy the tranquillity of your room, equipped with every comfort, and sink into the Simons & Simons mattresses, after a day of exploration.

18. To play tic tac toe on the table of your room.

19. To enjoy your favourite Nespresso Cru coffee in your room, offered by the Charming House.

20. To relieve stress with Chromoteraphy.

21. To Take care of your body with our exclusive body products infused with Myrrh essential oils.

22. To be sure to find skirts and trousers hangers in the scented wardrobes.

23. To avoid starving if you are celiac or lactose intolerant: you can find the correct products for you, together biologican and high quality products and several types of milk.

24. To indulge your sweet tooth and taste the pistachio and pine nuts Babbi craft spreads.

25. To keep mosquitos away, you will find a special kit with a choice of natural products, in the closet of your room.

26. To freshen up before departure in the guests’ “Salle De Bain”.

27. To don’t tire yourself with the luggage; just follow the indications written on ❤ of your room.

28. To experience the wonderful feeling of getting lost among the narrow streets in springtime and smell the flowers scents of the Dorsoduro gardens.

29. To have a proper Sunday brunch with fresh ricotta and caramelized figs or Philadelphia with curry and Mango chutney (hot!).

30. To find yourself exactly halfway between Rialto and San Marco.

31. To be welcomed with chill Valdobbiadene Prosecco and famous venetian Zaeti end S biscuits.

32. To connect with the stunning art works by Stefania Orru, Gianni Tarli, Terenzio Eusebio and many others important artists of contemporary art, spread inside and outside the rooms.

33. To be fascinated by the view offered by the Gran Canal while you take a walk in the Dorsoduro district.

34. To admire the sculptures of Nasher in the garden of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni.

35. To watch a DVD film in the intimacy of your own room.

36. To choose your pillow of preference.

37. To enjoy a personalized map provided by the Charming House, with boat lines and exclusive itineraries.

38. To kiss on the bridge of San Cristoforo at romantic Campiello Barbaro.

39. To eat freshly cut fruits at breakfast.

40. To find a complimentary bottle of water offered by the Charming House.

41. To take part in the “Up and Down the Bridges” walk for solidarity in Dorsoduro during spring. (6 km, 18 bridges).

42. To look up at the sky in search of a falling star on the night of San Lorenzo from the steps of the Salute Church.

43. To sleep under cashmere covers during winter and linen ones during summer.

44. To discover that our walls are painted with Farrow&Ball paint in the palette of Elephant’s breath.

45. To have the trunks of Gervasoni by your bedside.

46. To watch the television with Samsung Smart TV.

47. To secure your iPad in the safe.

48. To find pen and notebook near the telephone when needed.

49. To have toothbrush or razor, if you forgot to pack them.

50. To read the news and weather forecast while having breakfast.

51. To cross the Gran Canal by Gondola paying a coin to reach St. Mark’s square in the blink of an eye.

52. To have at your disposal in your room an info book with all the information you might need during your stay.

53. To eat fresh fish outdoors by Zattere, even in winter when the sun warms up the day.

54. To cross the bridge of boats that connects Zattere to Giudecca Island on the day of the Redentore festivity. ( 3rd Sunday of the month).

55. To listen to cats meowing during the night.

56. To head to the Magazzini del Sale to see Renzo Piano’s refurbishing and the Fondazione Vedova.

57. To enjoy a cigar sitting in a campo of Dorsoduro district, thinking of Hemingway.

58. To put a love lock on the wooden bridge of Accademia and let the bridge’s charming panorama take your breath away.

59. To admire the boats and gondolas passing by from the windows of own room.

60. To shop for exquisite hand crafted glass jewellery by the Marina and Susanna Sent sisters in Campo San Vio.

61. To buy the handmade Pavone’s paper in Fondamenta Venier de Leoni.

62. To make yourself comfortable in our Moroso design swivel armchairs while flipping through a magazine.

63. To take the lift when coming back to the hotel from an exhausting day of exploration.

64. To cruise through the canals on a limousine water taxi and clink Champagne glasses on board. (Kindly advise us in advance).

65. To don’t miss out on your favourite coffee at breakfast! You are spoilt for choice with a selection of Nespresso cru, Neapolitan moka, or American coffee.

66. To snuggle in our Frigerio design armchairs.

67. To discover the ancient wood beams.

68. To take the ultimate bath with our perfumed salts.

69. To have the sewing kit in case you discover a hole in your socks.

70. To store the luggage for a hassle free day after checking out.

71. To avoid being caught in the rain: our umbrellas are always available!

72. To live the high tide experience with the rubber boots the Charming House can provide.

73. To adjust the brightness of your room with external linen awnings or internal blackout curtains.

74. To let children play with the skateboard along Zattere or play football in campo Sant’Agnese.

75. To enjoy photography with Mauro Mazzolini and Piero Roi works.

76. To capture in a photograph the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni’s wrought iron gates decorated with handmade colored glass stones.

77. To have a chat with the night porter when the jet lag prevents you from sleeping.

78. To wake up early to photograph an empty St Mark’s Square.

79. To savour the best Venetian Focasse baked by the small and historical Colussi confectionery in Calle Lunga San Barnaba, you’ll feel the smell from a distance.

80. To visit La Toletta: the oldest bookstore in Venice.

81. To take line 6 from Zattere to reach Biennale Gardens.

82. To enjoy the nightlife “Movida” of Campo Santa Margherita.

83. To spend an evening at Molino Stucky’s rooftop bar and treat yourself to some delicious sushi and a splendid Venice by night.

84. To let yourself be entertained by buskers in Campiello Barbaro and by Sottoportego San Gregorio.

85. To receive a small present on the departure after remembered to click “I Like” on the Charming House Facebook page.

86. To be fascinated by Jacopo Tintoretto’s Wedding at Cana by in the Salute church.

87. To snuggle in the linen egg shell.

88. To Visit all the Charming Houses to choose your favourite room for your next stay in Venice before leaving.

89. To get a brochure of the Charming House to share your experience with your friends.

90. To have your plane or train ticket printed before departure.

91. To fall in love with the intimate atmosphere created by the lighting designed by the skilful hand of architect Mauro Mazzolini.

92. To sip a hot tea prepared in the lounge and served with a sophisticated Japanese service.

93. To look forward to closing the door to enjoying the privacy of your room.

94. To buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the market boat in Campo San Barnaba.

95. To visit Ca’ Foscari: one of the most ancient universities worldwide.

96. To drink mint water during summer’s hot days when you breathless arrive.

97. To wander through the numerous small art galleries around the Charming House.

98. To quench your thirst at Campiello Barbaro’s fountain after your jogging.

99. To make a feast of tramezzini (sandwiches with soft bread and stuffed with meat pastes, fish, eggs, cheese and mayonnaise), in the typical “bacaro” around Charming House.

100. To walk to Ca’ Dario at night and recall the legends of its ghosts to have chills down the spine.

101. To be proud to have chosen the Charming House DD724, the first hotel to have this great idea!